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Sustainable Development projects


“The development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” is the definition of sustainable development that was adopted by the Brundtland Commission report of the United Nations in 1987.

Implementing policies and projects that have a lasting environmentally sustainable impact in Mediterranean countries is at the core of the CEMEDE development plan: Working to improve the present while preserving the potential of the future.

Building Better 2006:

With this concept in mind, CEMEDE created the “Building Better” project which was developed in collaboration with the Lebanese Minister of Economy in 2006.
With the support of Brussels Export, Carmen Chahine managed to associate CEMEDE to the Belgian Royal Economic Mission headed by HRH Prince Philippe of Belgium and represented CEMEDE at the first “Building Better” Euro conference held in Qatar in November 2007.
CEMEDE thus gained further exposure and created more international bridges of cooperation in its goal to plan and implement projects that are sustainable on an environmental, economic, and human level.

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Sustainable Development

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