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Cultural Projects


Cultural exchange programs give people of different nationalities the chance to appreciate what they have in common, and to understand the human motivations behind their differences.

CEMEDE will engage in cultural exchange programs between Europe and the Mediterranean Near Eastern countries with the purpose of fostering a richer mutual understanding. These programs will promote the exchange of ideas, information, values, and traditions, in order to create better communication.

CEMEDE will work on creating bridges with the public sector, civil society, and the private sector in order to implement cultural exchange programs integrating arts, drama, literature, science, and music.

CEMEDE will have a special focus on introducing music therapy as well as stage and film acting as communication and therapeutic tools. This is demonstrated in CEMEDE’S total support to a play that was exclusively written and produced for the CLES, Lebanese Center for Special Education with the aim of promoting early detection of learning difficulties in school children.



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